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The first Arab interplanetary vehicle crossed halfway to the Red Planet

07.10.2020 146 просмотров

The Al-Amal space probe from the United Arab Emirates has covered almost half of the way to Mars.

The UAE's Al Amal (Hope) space probe has made almost half of its journey to Mars. This was reported on Wednesday by the Emirates newspaper National.

The movement of the probe is closely monitored by the engineers of the Emirates Space Center named after Mohammed bin Rashid. In August, they made two route adjustments. The third is expected to take place in November.

Meanwhile, one of the most difficult stages of the mission remains the launch of the probe into the orbit of Mars, the newspaper writes. “Putting a spacecraft into orbit is a very risky operation. Many countries failed to do this on the first try. We understand this and try to reduce the risks,  , quotes the newspaper as saying a representative of the space center. At this stage, as the engineers note, all the systems of the device are working properly, they will undergo additional testing as soon as the probe approaches the Red Planet.

The launch of the H-IIA-202 launch vehicle (H-2-ey-202) with the Al-Amal space probe to Mars took place 20 July. The probe subsequently successfully separated from the launch vehicle.

Al-Amal  is the first interplanetary vehicle developed by an Arab country. The probe is scheduled to arrive in Mars orbit in February 2021, ahead of the 50th anniversary of the UAE's independence.

The main task of the mission is to study the Martian atmosphere and climate. In particular, with the help of the Al-Amal probe, scientists will observe the daily and seasonal weather cycles on the planet, as well as dust storms, which greatly affect the weather. With the help of the obtained data, experts expect to find out how the atmosphere of Mars has undergone strong changes during its existence.

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