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Testing of the first Vietnamese drone began

09.07.2018 101 просмотров

The novelty of the FPT company will be tested in the territories of high-tech parks. The developers have already sent an application for such races to the Ministry of Transport of the country.

It is expected that all approvals will pass quickly and the project will receive all necessary permits. Such confidence of experts is based on the fact that the department fully supports FPT. The Ministry of Transport believes that the direction of its research fits well into the industrial development strategy of Vietnam Industry 4.0. 

The innovative company FPT has been engaged in unmanned technologies since 2016. Initially, Vietnamese specialists worked on the concept of unmanned vehicles and developed multimedia systems for the Korean Kia. Then they focused on the development of their own projects and presented the author's test model last fall. 

So far, the unmanned control system installed on the car is at level 2. This means that artificial intelligence can control the vehicle, but at any time, emergency human intervention may be required. 

The development of Vietnamese engineers is capable of moving at a speed of 20-25 kilometers per hour, and on straight sections it can accelerate to 40 km/h. The traffic control system can avoid obstacles, brake and follow road markings.

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