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Thailand intends to launch the first satellite for Earth exploration in 2023

27.01.2023 ТАСС 152 просмотров

The space industry will increase the competitiveness of Thailand, according to the government of the country.

Thailand plans to launch its first industrial satellite for Earth exploration this year. This was reported by the TV channel "Tai PBS".

According to the deputy official representative of the government, Rachada Dhanadirek, the main satellite THEOS-2 is a product of joint cooperation of 20 Thai engineers, international organizations specializing in space technologies, and the Agency for the Development of Geoinformatics and Space Technologies (GISTDA). The satellite weighs about 425 kg and is equipped with a high-resolution camera. It was designed to explore the Earth, prevent natural disasters and eliminate their consequences, as well as ensure safety. The smaller satellite, THEOS—2A, weighs about 100 kg and is designed for resource exploration.

The space sector is one of the ten future industries that will allow Thailand to increase the competitiveness of the country, the representative of the government is sure.

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