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Students sent home in Myanmar

28.08.2020 56 просмотров

Myanmar has temporarily closed schools due to the unexpected novel coronavirus outbreak.

Myanmar has experienced an unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus, forcing the authorities to close all public institutions, including schools. More than 70 new cases of COVID-19 were detected in the country in one day.

"We believe that our people have a good immune system to fight the coronavirus," says Xing-Sing, the student's mother. "children are still easily vulnerable to infection. Therefore, I am very glad that the school is closed. Others do not share this opinion. This is a good preventive measure. The school was closed for a while. The students still have time to learn - they have many years ahead of them ... And it is more important for us now take all necessary measures to ensure that no one gets sick from this virus!"

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to school, they will lose all desire to learn. But anyway, the schools really should have been closed to keep the infection from spreading."

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All infections occurred in the state of Rakhine, and there were 9 new foci of coronavirus - all of them are quite far from each other. At the same time, it is worth noting that Myanmar has suffered relatively little from the coronavirus. So, in the entire history of the pandemic in this country, a little more than 570 people fell ill, six died.

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