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Singapore starts farming artificial shrimp meat

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Major investment banks - Barclays in particular - estimate the financial capacity of the artificial meat market at almost $150 billion.

Financial institutions believe that this will be the minimum demand for lab-grown protein in 2029.
24 commercial companies are rapidly researching the industrial cultivation of meat fibers from stem cells taken from live animals. 

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As a result, vegetarians and just people, those worried about the need to kill meat breeds will have a long-awaited opportunity to consume animal protein foods without ethical concerns.

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The Singapore branch of the Philippine company announced the start of commercial production of artificial shrimp meat. 
< br> "While similar de the liqueur will cost at least $5,000 per kilo,” said Sandhia Sriram, CEO of Shiok Meats.

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It turns out that a popular dish in Asia that uses pork and shrimp will cost at least $ 300 per serving . However, the top manager does not despair: he believes that by the end of the year the price of artificial shrimp will drop to $50 per kilogram, that is, the production of such food products will become commercially profitable.

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