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Singapore invents portable COVID-19 rapid testing device

01.12.2020 59 просмотров

In Singapore introduced a device that allows you to get the result of a PCR test in five minutes.

Singapore scientists have presented a portable device that allows you to get the results of a PCR test for coronavirus within five minutes. This was announced on Monday during a video conference by the chief technical officer of the developer company Cell ID (“Sal ID”) Hander Sim.

According to him, "a swab from the nasopharynx is mixed with a small amount of a special solution, which guarantees a sufficient amount of genetic material to detect the virus." “After all this is placed in a small compartment of a new device, the dimensions of which are comparable to a bank card,” the expert noted. Then, he continued, the novelty is connected to a computer via a USB port, and a study of the material is carried out through a special application. “A positive result for the presence of coronavirus can be obtained within five minutes,” said Hander Sim.

The representative of the company emphasized that the device can be used in airports, where tests for coronavirus infection are taken almost everywhere. “In Singapore, for example, an antigen test is used, which allows you to get a result in 30 minutes, - said the developer. However, according to him, "such studies are not as accurate as PCR tests."

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