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Siberian scientists have found unique gold compounds in Kamchatka

22.02.2018 142 просмотров

Specialists from the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy (IGM) of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have discovered gold compounds that have not previously been found in nature in a deposit in Kamchatka, Nadezhda Tolstykh, a leading researcher at IGM, told TASS.

“In the rocks of the Gaching ore occurrence of the Maletoivayam deposit on the Kamchatka Peninsula, new compounds were found - gold selenides and selenotellurides. They are unique in that they have never been found in nature so far. Although epithermal deposits (deposits of minerals formed from hot mineral solutions at a depth of up to 1-2 km at moderate temperature and pressure - TASS note) have been studied all over the world for many years. The ore occurrence has unique conditions for the formation of such compounds,” said Tolstykh. She plans to name one of the found compounds as maletowayamite, after the name of the deposit.

Gold selenides and selenotellurides are less than 60 microns in size. To register them as minerals and understand the prospects for their use, scientists need to study their physico-chemical properties and calculate the structure. 

“There are no data on the use of these compounds yet, because their structure is unknown. These finds are fundamental knowledge, but the study of new forms of gold concentration will allow modifying the technologies for processing primary epithermal gold deposits,” added Tolstykh.

The Geological Survey were able to synthesize the found compounds - thanks to this, it will be possible to compare the finds with other gold compounds, study in detail and prepare documents for the approval of new minerals.

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