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Siberian scientists have found a more environmentally friendly way to produce aluminum

10.11.2017 140 просмотров

Researchers from the Siberian Federal University (SFU), together with colleagues from the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and RUSAL, have created a new material for the production of aluminum, TASS reports citing the SFU press service.

"The main advantages of the scientists' development are a high yield of a quality product and a significant reduction in carcinogenic emissions," says a university press release.

Today, the industry uses several methods for producing aluminum. One of  the most demanded is associated with the use of self-baking anodes. With this method, with the help of electrolysis, anodes are fired, consisting of low-ash coal with a 25-35% pitch content - the residue from the distillation of coal. The main disadvantage of the technology is the serious pollution of the environment, primarily the working area and neighboring residential areas.

Research by Krasnoyarsk scientists has made it possible to create eco-friendly pitch, and the first trial batch of the material has already been received. Experiments are underway, later the pitch will be tested in industrial production conditions.

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