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Scientists will find out what kind of climate was on Yamal 50 thousand years ago

25.09.2017 97 просмотров

Scientists from the Tyumen Industrial University (TIU), together with colleagues from Mexico, Poland and Israel, collected soil samples during an expedition to the territory of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YaNAO) to find out what the climate was like 40-50 thousand years ago, TASS reports.

"The first results of an international paleoecological expedition are already meeting the expectations of scientists. Ancient soils have been found that provide information about the climate, ecosystems, and vegetation 40-50 thousand years ago. The issue of global warming has also been resolved. Such a warm the climate, as it is now, was 120 thousand years ago, and 20 thousand years ago, powerful permafrost was observed in the area of the Taz River, - said the university.

The expedition, which took place in Nadymsky and Tazovsky districts, became part of the strategic project "Improving the efficiency of the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation", which is being implemented in TIU.

Scientists went to Yamal in search of evidence confirming the hypothesis of the ice-free development of Western Siberia.

According to the researchers, the collected samples will be distributed among the universities of Mexico, Poland and Russia. "This is an absolutely necessary basis for the development of forecasts in the future. For example, we can predict what environmental consequences global warming will lead to, we are looking for some signs in ancient soils, sediments. Such data have already been obtained in a variety of points, but  the north of Western Siberia in this respect has not yet been fully explored, - quotes the press service of the words of the teacher of the Institute of Geology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico Sergey Sedov.

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