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Schools in North Korea step up measures against the spread of coronavirus

17.07.2021 63 просмотров

Primary schools in Pyongyang have stepped up preventive measures against the coronavirus as part of an expanded "emergency campaign", according to the DPRK state media. 

Specialists in personal protective equipment disinfect buildings and students are checked for coronavirus symptoms every day before class.

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- said Ahn Woong Joo, a primary school teacher. “First of all, before the start of classes, we check the temperature of our students, and they also disinfect their hands and maintain strict social distance.” 

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Previously, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un rebuked senior officials of the ruling party for failing to implement important long-term measures to combat the pandemic, endangering the security of the country and people. Despite this, North Korea has not officially confirmed a single case of COVID-19 throughout the pandemic.

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