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'School on Radio' initiative launched in India

04.08.2020 54 просмотров

In India, volunteers have organized school activities for village children through radio broadcasts.

In India, due to the coronavirus epidemic, all schools have been closed for 4 months. And if in cities students continued their classes through online learning, then in rural areas sometimes not only the Internet, but even the usual electrical network in the villages is not always available.

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That's why volunteers from a non-profit organization « Diganta Swaraj” and decided to launch classes on the radio. In a number of remote villages, such as Dandwal in the forested and sparsely populated state of Maharashtra, volunteers are installing a loudspeaker connected to a radio station and organizing classes for peasant children.

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"So nice to see that children come and bring their younger brothers and sisters with them, and it is clear that they are all rushing to classes!- admired Shradha Sringarpur, executive director of the autonomous non-profit organization Diganta Swaraj.- And they have books and laptops; they each sit down in their place - we drew them all where everyone sits in order to maintain social distance! And they obey us - they sit exactly where we told them to!"

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Local farmers have already dubbed the radio classes "Bolki Shaal", which literally means "Talking School" in the local language.

"We are all looking forward to our morning lessons with Bolki Shaala, - said the schoolgirl Kavita Chandar Yele. - The loudspeaker is switched on at 8 o'clock in the morning. They put him on a chair. And we all repeat in chorus what he says. We repeat after him and sing songs with him, and tell all sorts of stories, and learn poetry, and many, many more English words. We learn a lot of interesting things from this loudspeaker. We are very grateful to our brothers and sisters who are broadcasting.

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English is one of the official languages of India along with Hindi. It is virtually essential for full socialization and freedom of communication.

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"When the school was closed, my boy began to stagger through the forest, - Sangita Parshuram Yele, the mother of one of the students, rejoices. "Now Bolki Shaala has come to our village, and now my son goes to classes again. He sings songs, tells all sorts of stories, and I'm happy. I feel such joy when I hear him sing and tell; and then he dresses clean." to go to class".

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To date, the Talking School program has already covered 6 villages and has been able to give the joy of introducing knowledge to about a thousand children who were left without lessons after the start of the pandemic.

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