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Russian language teachers to compete in Kyrgyzstan

22.07.2019 77 просмотров

Similar competitions have already been held in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

According to Alexei Polkovnikov, CEO of the autonomous non-profit organization Russian Humanitarian Mission, a total of 200 people took part in the previous competitions. The winners were awarded an excursion to Moscow. 

Moscow State University branch in Bishkek
will open in 2020
Of the 10 leaders, only one was an employee of a school with the Russian language of instruction, two people - from mixed educational institutions, the rest - with the Uzbek language.  

Polkovnikov added that the project has already been agreed with the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan. Now it's up to getting a grant. Note that last year the Russian Humanitarian Mission donated children's art and school educational literature (500 books) to libraries and orphanages of the republic. 

Russian Humanitarian mission" is engaged in humanitarian, human rights and charitable activities, and also contributes to strengthening peace, friendship and harmony between peoples. 

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