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The Russian scientist was awarded the State Prize of Uzbekistan for a monograph about Emir Timur

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Ambassador of Uzbekistan Botirjon Asadov noted that reading the work of Vladimir Quint, he was convinced of the deep knowledge of the Russian scientist about Timur.

The ceremony of awarding the State Prize of Uzbekistan of the second degree in the field of science and technology to academician - foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Economic and Financial Strategy of the Moscow School of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University Vladimir Kvint, who wrote the monograph "Strategic leadership of Amir Timur: comments on the Code", was held on Friday at the Embassy of the Republic in Moscow, a TASS correspondent reports.

"I think it is a great pleasure for any citizen of our country to read your work and be proud of our great commander, our great ancestor. And the most important thing is your comments, where you give explanations on each point of the Regulation. <...> In a difficult time of the era of turbulence, creative work saturated with scientifically based strategic ideas and deep content is becoming more relevant than ever," said the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Russia Botirjon Asadov, presenting Vladimir Kvint with the diploma of the laureate of the prize.

The Russian scientist was awarded the state prize for his significant contribution to the development of science, literature and art of Uzbekistan, as well as for the creation of fundamental research works of great importance for the development of the republic.

In turn, Vladimir Kvint thanked the Uzbek authorities for the high award. "I am especially proud that my work, which I have been doing for more than five years, was evaluated in this way - the analysis of Amir Timur's Code, in fact, the code of rules. <...> When I wrote this book, I was fascinated by the personality, I began it with the words that Amir Timur is a genius," he said.

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan also noted that, reading the work of Vladimir Quint, he was convinced of the deep knowledge of the Russian scientist about Timur.

The book "Strategic Leadership of Amir Timur: Comments on the Code" by Vladimir Quint reproduces a facsimile edition of the Russian translation of the Code published in 1894 in Kazan, which is accompanied by the author's comments. Vladimir Kvint's work has been translated into four languages - Russian, Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Polish. A Chinese-language edition is currently being prepared.

Emir Timur (Amir Timur, Tamerlane) was a Turkic-Mongol ruler and military commander of the second half of the XIV century - the beginning of the XV century, who managed to unite vast territories from China to the Middle East under his rule. The center of his possessions was the city of Samarkand. Timur is the author of the Code, in which he outlined his views on the management of the state and the troops.

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