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Robots go shopping instead of people in South India

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In the south of India, in the state of Tamil Nadu, in the city of Coimbatore, an engineer invented a device that goes to the city for shopping instead of you.

The most interesting thing is that this inventor Karthik Velayatham did not think about how to profitably sell his offspring, but simply created it for his own use. When the epidemic began, a local kulibin decided to do everything possible not to go to the store and not catch the coronavirus.

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"This robot can be controlled by anyone via a video channel using the Internet," said Karthik Velayatham. "My invention helps to avoid crowding. You no longer have to go to the store and stand in line." 

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"We haven't seen anything like this before: now all we have to do is put our purchases in the basket on this robotic device, and that's it," the store owner Ananda expresses admiration. - He he will deliver the package of groceries to its destination.If this invention becomes popular, then we will be able to deal with the coronavirus much easier!" 

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An Indian engineer's robot can carry about 30 kilograms payload. Across Asia, there is an accelerated introduction of robotics, and the COVID-19 epidemic has only spurred this process: thermal imaging robots measure the temperature of people in a crowd in China, in Japan and China, robots have long delivered food and medicine to each individual client, and messenger robots have appeared in Korea delivering mail to enterprises; Drone robots patrol city streets and farmland in many Eurasian countries everywhere… 

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Humanity has already entered the future, and the current pandemic just allowed everyone to notice what kind of world we live in.

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