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Proton-M rocket with two communication satellites successfully launched from Baikonur

13.12.2021 91 просмотров

We are talking about the Express-AMU3 and Express-AMU7 satellites.

The Proton-M carrier rocket with two telecommunications satellites Express-AMU3 and Express-AMU7 launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome, follows from the broadcast, which is conducted on the Roscosmos website.

About nine minutes later, the head part as part of the Breeze-M upper stage and two satellites, it will separate from the third stage of the launch vehicle. "Express-AMU7" will separate from the upper stage in 17 hours 50 minutes after the launch of the rocket, "Express-AMU3" - in 18 hours and 7 minutes.

engine SPD-100V and one SPD-140D.

The term for the final ascent of the Express-AMU7 satellite will be no more than 56 days, and the Express-AMU3 satellite - no more than 59 days.

Previous chapter Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin told TASS that the launch of Proton-M was postponed from December 6 to December 12 due to the need to refine the upper stage. Later, the state corporation clarified that the specialists of the Center. M. V. Khrunichev eliminated the problem. However, on December 9, Roskosmos announced the postponement of the launch to a reserve date due to remarks identified in the Breeze-M upper stage. Later, the state corporation noted that the launch was scheduled for December 13.

About satellites

The Express-AMU3 and Express-AMU7 satellites are designed to provide services to the fixed and mobile communications, digital television and radio broadcasting, high-speed Internet access, as well as data transmission in Russia and the CIS countries in the C-, Ku- and L-band.

The devices were launched in the interests of the state enterprise "Space Communications" . The Express-AMU3 satellite is planned to be placed at the orbital point of 96.5 degrees east longitude, the Express-AMU7 satellite - at the position of 145 degrees east longitude.

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