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Protection of intellectual property in the Caspian region reaches a new level

21.06.2018 45 просмотров

In Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan there will be offices of the association IPChain, which deals with the protection of the rights of authors of inventions.

As noted in the association, they open offices in different countries of the world, which allows members of the organization to track the movement of intellectual property objects around the world. 

IPChain creates a structure that makes it possible to see how and where goods, receiving information about their components. The advantages of the system being created are the transparency of work and the absolute security of its protocols, since it is based on blockchain technology. 

According to Artyom Tovbin, director of digital technologies at IPChain, the organization is now actively working with the Kyrgyz side on the issue of transferring archival documents to electronic format. documents and information of Kyrgyzpatent. 

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The IPChain Association was established in 2017 by the innovation fund “ Skolkovo”, the Higher School of Economics, the All-Russian Organization of Intellectual Property and a number of other organizations. The Association is trying to promote effective interaction between participants in the intellectual property market in the electronic environment.

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