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Pakistan launches its own ventilators

07.07.2020 209 просмотров

In the Pakistani city of Haripur (Khaibur Pakhtunkhwa province), the government managed to launch local production of ventilators needed for acute respiratory distress syndrome.

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> The shortage of medical equipment of this kind is especially acute during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan visited the plant and personally greeted the workers after the first 12 life support machines were produced.

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"Pakistan imports more than $2 billion worth of medical equipment every year," said Fawad Chowdhury, Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting - In addition, we depend not only on external supplies, but also on service contracts for a total of $ 1 billion for 12 months. Thanks to a dynamically developing initiative, we have managed to establish the production of our own equipment. If God willing, in 3 years we will save the treasury about one billion dollars."

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According to the application According to a senior official, the Pakistani industry is able to manufacture 50 portable ventilators a week. If needed, authorities said the line could turn out up to 350 ventilators per month.

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