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The education of the Chinese population has doubled

09.09.2022 Медиакорпорация Китая, телеканал "Большая Азия" 17 просмотров

The Ministry of Education of China has announced its amazing achievement: over the past 10 years, the number of people with higher education has grown to 218 million people. This number is twice as high as in 2012.

As a result of government reforms, the system of training technical specialists in universities has been improved. College students began to study entrepreneurship and engage in innovative developments. In addition, additional emphasis was placed on training young people in scarce professions.

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As the Minister of Education of China Huai Jinpeng noted, significant progress has been achieved in the field of international education: many disciplines occupy leading positions in the world. This is confirmed by the fact that over the past decade, 72% of state awards in the field of technology were given to students. 

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In order to accelerate the scientific and technological progress of the country, the Government fully promotes cooperation between universities, research institutes and enterprises: students get jobs after training, and companies get rid of personnel shortages. In addition, the PRC has developed medium- and long-term plans to promote the development of philosophy and social sciences. It will also contribute to progress in the country.

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