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A new species of cetaceans found on the Commander Islands

15.12.2022 ТАСС 120 просмотров

Genetic research has shown that the remains of a dolphin found in September at the mouth of the Sarannaya River on Bering Island are the remains of a striped dolphin that had not previously been found in the waters of the islands.

Scientists of the national Park "Commander Islands" have found a new species of cetaceans in the waters of the archipelago - striped prodelfin. Now the fauna of cetaceans in the waters of the Commander Islands includes 22 species, the press service of the National Park reports.

In September, the remains of a dolphin were found at the mouth of the Sarannaya River on Bering Island.

"When the staff of the scientific department of the National Park found out about the find, they examined the remains and studied the photographs. A version immediately appeared that it was a striped prodelfin. The remains are not very well preserved, and there was a need to clarify the correctness of the definition of the species. It was decided to send samples for genetic testing. The result confirmed that the animal is a striped prodelfin of Stenella coeruleoalba. For the Commander water area, the finding of the striped dolphin is the first reliable registration of the species, there were no documentary confirmations of the meetings earlier," the message says.

It is specified that striped prodelfins reach 2-2.5 meters in length. Their distinctive feature can be called dark oblique stripes on the sides of the animal.

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