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Novosibirsk students have created an algorithm that allows you to control the process of swarming bees

24.09.2022 ТАСС 44 просмотров

NSTU NETI has developed a mobile application for remote tracking of hives.

Students of Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU NETI) have created an algorithm that allows you to control the process of swarming bees - the division of an insect colony into parts, which threatens the beekeeper with the loss of part of the bees. Based on the algorithm, the device predicts the beginning of the swarming process, and the beekeeper receives an alert on his smartphone, university student, developer Viktor Lapshin told TASS on Thursday.

"We have developed a device for remote warning about the swarm state of the hive. My partner and I wrote an algorithm, developed a device and launched a mobile application that notifies the beekeeper about the beginning of swarming bees," Lapshin said.

He explained that during swarming, the bee colony is divided into several parts, one of which flies away in order to create a new colony. This process brings losses to beekeepers, as they lose part of the bees, honey, and, accordingly, profits. The swarming process is usually preceded by a certain sound that the queen bee emits at certain frequencies, with a certain interval.

The device is a stationary base station, which is installed in an apiary, a sensor is installed in each hive that detects signs of the singing of the uterus. The sensors send a signal to the base station, from there the signal is transmitted to the server and to the beekeeper's mobile application. Thus, the beekeeper receives a signal about the beginning of swarming in a certain apiary, in a certain hive and manages to prevent the loss of bees.

The developer and technical director of the project, Daniil Briginets, added that there are no analogues to the project in Russia, there are developments of "smart" hives capable of monitoring temperature and humidity in hives, but there are no devices for monitoring the swarming of bees.

The developers plan to patent the algorithm. In the near future - the opening of a small pilot production.

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