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Novosibirsk scientists have created a technology for digital human cloning

29.04.2022 163 просмотров

Russian scientists have created a technology for digital human cloning to work in the metaverses.

Scientists at the Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics in Novosibirsk (SibGUTI) have developed a technology for creating digital clones that will be avatars of people in the metaverse (digital augmented reality) and will be able to help people in the real world through robots. This was reported to TASS on the sidelines of the strategic conference "Import Independence" by one of the developers, an employee of the SibGUTI Yuri Shyyrap.

The metaverse is a constantly operating virtual space in which people can interact with each other and with digital objects through their avatars using virtual reality technologies. Meta (Meta, recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation) Mark Zuckerberg, previously called Facebook, publicly announced the creation of its metauniverse. In October 2021, the company changed its name as part of the development of the concept of the metaverse, which, as planned, will unite a whole range of not only programs, but also augmented reality devices.

“The metaverse itself is the same Internet, but a higher level . Now we go to websites, look and read pages, and in the metaverse we start all this in three-dimensional space, in cities, in buildings. This is a parallel digitized world. To interact with it, we must have a body, we need an avatar, but a primitive avatar is now a doll, a toy, an image in whose body we move in the metaverse. We will have a copy of a person who has the intelligence of a person and is in synchronization with a real person,” the agency’s interlocutor said. the clone will look identical to its owner in appearance; for this, the most simple but effective 3D modeling technologies from photographs have been created. Also, for several years, with the help of neural networks, the clone will learn from its owner in real time to become an exact copy of him and perform routine work for him in the digital world with permission, but without the presence of the owner.

In addition, the technology will allow loading a clone into robots, embodying avatars from the metaverse in the real world. Thus, it will be possible to create robots that will cook and clean, help with work tasks, or, for example, take care of relatives during illness. Also, the technology will allow to create digital, but the most human copies of famous historical figures.

Currently, the technology is going through the patenting stage. Within two years, SibSUTI scientists plan to create the first digital clones, and in another six months, the first robots for them. Also, the university began work on creating infrastructure for the Russian metauniverse.

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