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North Korea's self-isolation policy helped to cope with COVID-19

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In North Korea, schools and universities are reopening, which symbolically corresponds to the end of the most difficult phases of the coronavirus epidemic.

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" Today, the students returned to their classrooms,” said Ri Yong Riel, Principal Kim Sung Yu Elementary School. “We have done everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus: we have disinfected desks, chairs, classroom walls and corridors… We are taking the temperature of students and installing sanitizers; for children to wash their hands"…

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In North Korean schools, the last term always starts on April 1st. However, the current year forced us to break all the established rules due to the outbreak of a planetary pandemic. The leadership of the DPRK not only closed all state and public institutions, but also cut off all communications with the outside world. 

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High school students and students returned to school on April 20, according to the DPRK official news agency KCNA. Life is back to normal. Meanwhile, in Seoul, it is believed that the virus came to Pyongyang from China, since both countries - China and North Korea - maintain very warm and close relations.

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