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Nobel Festival to be held in Central Asia

23.10.2021 141 просмотров

An open broadcast of discussions and lectures with famous figures of science and business within the framework of the III Nobel Festival will be held from studios in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from October 26 to 29. The key theme of the festival sounds like "The future is already today".

Guests of the III Nobel Festival will listen to a traditional series of lectures from Nobel Prize winners in the fields of innovation, chemistry, physics, cosmology and other disciplines. Lectures will be organized specifically for the festival's partner universities (Tashkent State Economic University, KazATU named after Seifullin, Azerbaijan Technical University and others).

speakers such as best-selling author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind Yuval Noah Harari, global cryptocurrency expert Garrick Hilleman, and conservationist and UN peace ambassador Jane Goodall.

Together with them, professors from the London School of Economics, MIT, the University of California, Imperial College London and the University of Washington will take part in the festival. In addition, experts from large international corporations (Microsoft, Google, etc.) will perform at the venue. 

The festival will be organized by the Inclusive Development Foundation, the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the G-Global International Secretariat. The event is also supported by the Uzbek Foundation for the Development of Science and Education Ziyo Forum, Sabah Group and the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan.

“For students, this event is the starting point of their career in science, motivation to continue their studies in their chosen field and reach Nobel heights. Now we have agreed on the active participation in rebroadcasts and in the studio of representatives of six top universities in the country, including regional ones. We plan to attract about 1,000 students from the capital’s universities to the Ziyo Forum site, where the studio will be located, in four days, young people who are actively involved in the volunteer movement and projects of the foundation,” said Ziyo Forum Director Bobur Farmanov.

The Nobel Festival annually gathers dozens of winners of the same name award and successful business leaders. The first event took place in 2020.

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