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Mummy found in Tehran believed to be the remains of Reza Shah

25.04.2018 65 просмотров

An unexpected and perhaps sensational discovery was made during the expansion of the Shiite shrine in Tehran.

Iranian anthropologists do not rule out that the mummified remains found during the construction work on the expansion of the Shiite mosque in Tehran belong to the country's legendary historical figure - Reze Shah, the founder of the famous Pahlavi dynasty.

This hypothesis, already actively discussed in the media with submission of scientists, did not rule out the head of the Committee for Culture and Tourism of the Tehran City Council Hassan Khalilabadi. “Perhaps this is Reza Shah,” the official admitted.

Reza Shah is one of the most famous rulers of Iran. He, being an officer, occupied Tehran during a coup d'état in 1921 and was appointed military governor and commander in chief, then minister of war, headed the government in 1923, and two years later ascended the throne.

Having come to power , Reza Shah took a course towards modernization, began to send specialists of various profiles to study in Western countries, made efforts to reorganize the infrastructure (including the construction of roads and railways), reform the education system.

His son Mohammad became the last shah Iran and in many respects continued the policy of his father, seeking the de-Islamization of Saudi Arabia - for example, he took certain steps towards achieving gender equality. However, his attitude to religious traditions caused discontent, and in 1979, during the Islamic Revolution, Reza Shah Jr. lost power, left the country, and a year later died in exile in Cairo.

It is noteworthy that from 1928 to 1979 inclusive, Reza Shah and his son flaunted on all banknotes of Iran of any denomination, and from year to year their portraits gradually changed - according to the age of the rulers.

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