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Mongolian schoolchildren and their teacher win a competition in Busan

30.08.2017 67 просмотров

The competition is organized by the Korean Ministry of Education and the Institute of APEC Collaborative Education. It was attended by 38 teams from 14 countries -a total of 160 schoolchildren.

E-Icon aims to develop e-learning content suitable for the international educational community. The competition involves cooperation with the leaders of global e-learning.

Each team consisted of two students and their teacher representing one or another country. They collaborated on the development of their content with a Korean team.

Since May of this year, teachers and schoolchildren have been preparing for the competition in homeland, starting cooperation with Korean team, choosing topics and making decisions on contents. During the three days of the competition, the two teams worked together to complete the content.

The success of Mongolian schoolchildren, who participated in this contest for the first time, showed their competitiveness in the field of e-learning content development.

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