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Mongolia and Thailand are actively introducing Japanese schools "Kosen"

03.10.2017 111 просмотров

The Japanese vocational training system, which is being actively implemented in Mongolia, is designed to provide adolescents with professional skills. Intensive training in Kosen schools lasts 5 years.

Kosen Schools were founded in Japan after World War II to help industrialize the country's economy. Now vocational high schools are attracting the attention of emerging Asian countries.

In Japan itself, the main role of such schools —education of young engineers —is already declining, but the unique system of education remains. These technical schools can be safely added to the list of Japanese exports.

Among the countries actively importing them are Mongolia and Thailand. Thai students of Kosen schools are trained in basic welding, and Mongolian students study computer programs and electrical circuits of a computer. In Mongolia, the Kosen Vocational School is affiliated with the University of Science and Technology.

The "Kosen" school in Mongolia. Photo: ARD

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