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Mammoth skeleton found in Yamal

29.07.2020 204 просмотров

In the Yamal region of Russia, on the shore of Lake Pechenelava, on July 21, the remains of a mammoth were discovered, which had gone into clay soil on the shallows of a reservoir.

After a local fisherman, Nenets Konstantin Tadib, reported a happy find, a scientific expedition headed by an employee of the Center for Arctic Studies, as well as representatives of the District Museum and Exhibition Complex (MVK) named after Shemanovsky, flew to the area. 
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"Today we tried to extract the remains of the discovered mammoth," said Andrey Gusev, a researcher at the Center for Arctic Studies. "We managed to extract part of the skeleton. The other part remains in the ground, under water and clay. was not entirely successful. But for a general analysis of the material it is enough. This will allow us to accurately determine the age of the deposits."

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"Ske years is always a valuable find when it is full,” explained Evgenia Khozyainova, head of the department of humanitarian research at the Shemanovsky International Exhibition Center. - Because the scattered bones carry practically no information. Here we know the exact location, the origin of this mammoth and that it is one individual. Of course, I want to find all the parts and understand how complete the find is. However, all this is useful material for research."

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The valuable find has already been moved to Salekhard.

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