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Lebanese schoolchildren will go back to school after a year break

17.04.2021 102 просмотров

The Lebanese authorities allowed the resumption of classes in schools from May 17   

Primary and secondary school students in Lebanon will be able to commence classrooms from 17 May. This was announced by the Acting Minister of Education and Higher Education of the Republic, Tarek Majzub, as An-Nahar newspaper reported on Friday. “The educational process will be fully resumed from May 17 in public and private schools,  - he said. " Graduate students who are due to take exams are allowed to start classes from 5 May." According to and. o. Minister from  17 May, preschool institutions will also open.

Previously, the Lebanese government planned, after a year-long break caused by the pandemic, to start classes in schools from 1 March, however, due to a significant increase in the number of infections at the end February, the issue of opening educational institutions was postponed indefinitely.

Majzoub's Friday announcement drew controversy from the public and in medical circles. Thus, the chief physician of the Rafik Hariri Hospital at the Lebanese State University, Firas Abyad, called such a decision premature, because, according to him, Lebanon "has not yet emerged from the critical stage of the fight against the coronavirus." “An inevitable consequence of the easing of quarantine restrictions and the opening of schools will be an increase in the number of infected people,” the head physician warned. At the same time, Abyad pointed out the need for preliminary vaccination of the teaching staff.

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