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Korean robots massively moved into bartenders

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In the capital of Korea, Seoul, at the Bar K outlet, drinks are prepared by the humanoid robot Kabo. His height is 182 centimeters.

Not only does he serve customers, he also makes dashing comments.
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"It's a pity, of course, that now you can't chat with the bartender, like in the good old days," student Moon Seong-Yong complained. stalwart or discuss the merits of this or that alcoholic drink with him.But still, I feel calmer when, in our "no-contact" era, a drink is prepared for me by a machine."

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And a student named Kim Min-kyung is quite happy with the cooking of the robot: "I have already tried a lot of different cocktails here , and here's what I'll tell you: it's great when a robot prepares them, because, unlike a person, he always cooks with high quality and never makes mistakes, accurately measuring the doses of all the ingredients of the drink. And then it's fun to watch it move around its own axis."

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The fact is that the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic came to Korea, which led to the massive closure of many bars and restaurants. if there is a robot behind the counter, the epidemiological threat is reduced to a minimum - and customers feel calmer.

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