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Chinese scientists went on the 39th research expedition to Antarctica

26.10.2022 ТАСС 128 просмотров

The icebreaker "Xuelong-2" went on the 39th research expedition to Antarctica for China.

The icebreaker "Xuelong-2" with a group of scientists on board set off on Wednesday from the port of Shanghai on China's 39th scientific research expedition to Antarctica. This is reported by the local information resource "Penpai".

On October 31, they plan to send another icebreaker "Xuelong" to the South Pole with a second group of researchers. In total, 255 people will take part in this expedition on two icebreakers. The return of both vessels is scheduled for April 2023.

The task of this mission will be to conduct research related to global climate change, the state of the atmosphere and water, as well as the ecosystem as a whole. At the Zhongshan, Taishan and Kunlun stations, scientists will conduct research on various layers of ice, as well as engage in a number of astronomical observations. In addition, icebreakers will deliver replacement personnel to the Zhongshan and Changcheng stations.

The 38th research expedition to the South Pole for China, which lasted 174 days, ended in April this year. Both Chinese icebreakers overcame over 30 thousand nautical miles during the last campaign.

China is an active participant in polar research. The PRC has been studying Antarctica since 1984 and has noticeably intensified its efforts in this direction in the last few years. Now China has four stations there - Changcheng, Zhongshan, Kunlun and Taishan. The latter was opened in 2014.

Currently, China is building its fifth station in Antarctica, which will be located on the uninhabited island of Inexpression in the Ross Sea. The first Chinese airfield is also being built at the South Pole.

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