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Israel unveils 8 technologies that will change the world of tourism

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Several Israeli companies have developed products and technologies that could help the tourism industry return to safe and efficient operations.

“Israel is a country of start-ups and innovations. And I am convinced that some of the new technologies will allow us to return to a world without borders, when we will again be able to travel without fear for the life and health of our loved ones. The new “normal” is not isolation from each other, but a quiet life under the protection of smart solutions,” commented on the emergence of new technologies Vladimir Shklyar, Director of the Department of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel in the Russian Federation and the CIS, Counselor of the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Russian Federation.

The external press service of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism provided the media resource "Greater Asia" with information about some useful inventions of Israeli companies.

60-second detection

Defense Research and Development Department of the Israeli Ministry of Defense is developing a technology that within 1 minute will show whether a person is infected with the coronavirus. With it, it will be possible to identify virus carriers at the airport even before landing. Those who test positive will not be allowed to board the flight. This will protect the health of passengers and crew, as well as the population of the destination country.

An artificial nose that can "smell" the virus

Did you know that coronavirus has smell? Artificial nose technology developed by NANOSCENT allows detection of coronavirus carrier molecules. Installing this device in a public place will help detect the virus, which will confirm whether the place is safe or not.

Temi Smart Robot

Imagine you are boarding an airplane , and you are met by a robot flight attendant who escorts you to your seat. What if these robots can not only maintain a high level of service, but also hygiene and protect the health of crew and passengers? What if we told you that this robot developed by RAFAEL is already being tested in hospitals? The robot is intended to replace part of the medical staff in the departments treating coronavirus in order to protect the health of medical teams. This technology can also be used at airports and hotels during check-in and security checks. Maybe the next time you check in, go through security, or board a flight, Temi will meet you.

A mask that can be worn for a long time 

Not it is possible that passengers may be required to wear masks throughout the flight to protect their health. If the flight lasts ten hours or more, then it will make wearing a mask quite difficult. The joint development of the Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba, the Israeli Border Police and the Israeli Counter Terrorism Unit (Yamam) has resulted in a new mask that will allow you to breathe easier during flights and long journeys. The mask is currently being used experimentally in hospitals and is helping medical teams breathe without difficulty.

Thermal Imaging

One way to detect coronavirus carriers in public places is to check body temperature people when entering public places. The following technological solution is under development and will allow thermal imaging of the body of large groups of people at the same time. This technology can be used anywhere from hotel lobbies to entrances to tourist attractions. It was developed by Hikvision in collaboration with HVI Security Solutions.

UV radiation that destroys the coronavirus

Mayan Hayeshua Medical Center succeeded in destroying the coronavirus in medical facilities using a special ultraviolet radiation, which is harmless to use even with a long stay. Will the invention soon be used in guest rooms and living quarters? Or maybe in public places like museums and restaurants? If yes, then this technology will allow us to continue to enjoy tourist attractions while maintaining our health. 

Mobile phone camera diagnosis detects a virus using the camera of your smartphone or other gadget. By downloading the app, you can take tests that monitor your heart rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), breathing rate, and mental stress. And all this from your smartphone, laptop or even a personal tablet.'s technology can detect a disease with a camera in less than two minutes.

Identifying Threats in Healthcare Systems

See-True improves existing security processes. Its offline AI program provides automatic detection of threats to healthcare systems such as X-rays and CT scans. After winning the Global Healing Solutions Challenge, the company has been selected by the United Nations World Tourism Organization to help the global tourism industry recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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