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Israel invents medical masks that can self-clean

17.06.2020 73 просмотров

In Israel, they came to the conclusion that the coronavirus epidemic could provoke a new wave of pollution on the planet, as people tend to throw old masks and gloves right into the street.

We are talking about poorly decomposing materials - latex and dense fabric. In the case of coastal countries, all these wastes quickly end up in the sea, where they cause significant harm to the entire biotope and, along the ascending food chain, to humans.

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That is why Israeli researchers came up with self-cleaning masks that can be connected via USB port connector to a personal computer.

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"Well, yes, with a power of 10 watts, we get a temperature of about 60-70 degrees, - said Professor Yair Ein-Eli. - This is more than enough to kill the virus Our main task was to help the medical staff so that they could use the same mask several times. 

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According to rough estimates, there are about 20 billion protective equipment in the global circulation. The new invention is very promising even after the end of the epidemic. Cleaning the mask from microorganisms takes about half an hour. Naturally, while the mask is connected to the electrical network, it is in no case recommended to wear it.

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