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ISAA MSU celebrated Science Day

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The Science Day festival was held within the walls of the Institute of Asian and African Countries of Moscow State University. The main guests of the event are schoolchildren and applicants. 

For them, professors gave lectures, teachers held quizzes, students - master classes. Oriental studies became a unifying theme for all speakers. 

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“Oriental studies is a science that incorporates a whole range of scientific research. This is primarily a study of language, because the key to understanding any civilization is language,” says Igor Abylgaziev, director of ISAA MSU.

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More than 60 languages are studied at the Institute of Asian and African countries.  Linguists give the opportunity to understand another civilization, politics, history and traditions.  

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“Our educational process is tightly intertwined with those scientific studies that are relevant depending on the tasks of our modern development. We promote innovative forms of education while maintaining the healthy conservatism of the academic traditions of higher education,” says Natalia Kuleshova, Deputy Director for Science at ISAA MSU. 

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Deep knowledge of other civilizations comes through culture. That is why from year to year at the Festival of Science, students acquaint schoolchildren with the customs of Asian and African countries. Master classes on Indian Hindi painting, cooking and oriental dances were held at the event. 

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“Looking at our performance of folk dances, at the traditions and customs of the peoples of the East, they can decide on their future profession. The main goal is for the East to open up from a new student side, and we will help them in this,” emphasizes ISAA MSU student Karina Kashaf. 

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ISAA trains historians, political scientists and economists with knowledge of Afro-Asiatic languages region. This fact attracts schoolchildren and applicants. 

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“We will continue to participate in such events at ISAA and at our site of the Young Diplomat Club, hold other events on Turkish folklore together with ISAA, master classes in Turkish language and, I hope, one of our guys will enter the Faculty of Turkic Studies of the ISAA,” the head of the “Young Diplomats” club at the “Universe” Charitable Foundation  Elena Yeshiltash.

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Schoolchildren competed in an intellectual duel for knowledge of the culture and history of the countries of the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia. After the game, the guys shared their conclusions on the results of the event. 

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“I decided on my future profession, as it is very interesting, I learned a lot about languages, Turkish and Turkic,” says Roman Myagkov, a student of school No. 1207.  

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"We have the opportunity to tell people about the part of the world that we love, which we do, show the best sides and try to get schoolchildren interested in studying the countries of the East," adds Ekaterina Shelupenko, a student at ISAA MSU.   

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Schoolchildren were able to learn a lot about the countries of Asia and Africa at the Science Day festival. We understood the linguistic geography of Iran, learned more about the origin and history of Japanese games, made a virtual trip to India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, touched the mystery of the tea ceremony. 

All this will allow them to broaden their horizons and in the future become part of the team of the Institute of Asian and African Studies.


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