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ISAA MSU and media resource "Greater Asia" launch a new patriotic project

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The project "The Great Victory of the Great Country" is another product of the joint work of the "Greater Asia" media group and the Institute of Asian and African Countries of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

For more than two years, we have been promoting the ideas of Eurasian integration into the public space, showing the deep roots of our common existence through historical examples. World War II radically changed humanity. The Great Victory united millions of people, connected the destinies of hundreds of thousands of people from different countries, brought nations together. But less than 50 years have passed, and the flywheel of history destroyed the Great Country that defeated fascism, left deep and painful marks in the minds and hearts of people whose memory of time still keeps the threads of the common destiny of our country.

On the main page of the ISAA MSU website, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, a number of projects were announced in which Students and applicants, teachers and graduates of the university, all people who would like to leave their voice in the stream of opinions that form a powerful river of Memory, flowing into the sea of universal love and gratitude to those who gave us Victory, gave us Life, could take part!

Touching photos of the parents of teachers, grandparents of the young generation of teachers, great-grandparents of today's students and graduate students - this is the immortal battalion of the ISAA MSU, firmly connecting the large family of the country's leading oriental university. 


The photo of the parents of the ISAA director reminds us that the father of Igor Ishenalievich Abylgaziev served in the Red Army since 1938, and his mother Alexandra Mikhailovna immediately after graduation in June 1941 she went to work at the Voronezh aircraft plant, which produced the famous IL-2 attack aircraft.

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It is very important that students reciting poems, singing songs about the war, in their video postcards not only performed their favorite works with deep feelings, including in the languages of the peoples of the USSR, but also were able to heartily tell about the fate of their heroes, about their contribution to the Victory representatives of nationalities. Students of the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages also took part in the action.

Postcards of Victory Students from Samarkand Katyusha.jpg

It's good that ISAA has its own YouTube page, but it's bad that these serious and kind works have much less subscribers and views than the be-be-bear nonsense that overflows the Internet!

Bigasia TV channel and website will help Victory Volunteers from the Institute of Asian and African Countries to bring their creative work to a wide audience of our

Musical and poetic postcards of ISAA students and children from other countries studying at universities that maintain close business and friendly ties with Moscow State University will find their place on the website, telling about compatriots.

The information service of the Big Asia TV channel will create special news releases dedicated to cooperation with ISAA in the Big Victory of the Big Country project. The editors of the TV magazine "Compatriots" are already busy processing the video materials provided by ISAA. 

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Today, the trend of personification of the Great Victory sometimes overshadows the collective contribution of countries and peoples to the defeat of Nazi Germany. TV channel "Big Asia" and the website have been using any information occasion for almost three years to show their viewers and users the full versatility of the Second World War, to talk about the contribution of the Asian allies of the USSR to the Great Victory.

Project "Big The Victory of the Great Country” is another step in the struggle for the triumph of historical truth.

On May 9, we will light a virtual “TORCH OF THE WORLD”, symbolizing the Victory of our country in the Great Patriotic War, the Victory of good over the forces of evil. We are sure that all TV viewers and site users will support us.

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Student video project "Poems of War, Poems of Victory" - poems by prominent poets of the Soviet era in Azerbaijani, Armenian, Georgian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen and Uzbek. 

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ISAA project Serafim Mikhailov.jpgISAA project by Mary Gevorgyan.jpg

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ISAA project Vasily Kocherov.jpg

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Victory Postcard Project.jpg

The student project "Postcards of Victory" is a video postcard with the performance of songs and poems on a military theme. With their creativity, ISAA students congratulate veterans on the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Victory Postcards Anna Trutaeva.jpg

Postcards of Victory Anna and Viktor Cherkasov.jpg

Postcards Victory Kira Kots.jpg

Amin Gasinov's Victory Postcards.jpg

Victory Postcards Aleksey Solopov.jpg

Postcards of Victory Choir of ISAA MSU Eh roads.jpg

Postcards of Victory Congratulations from Tashkent Take your overcoat.jpg

Postcards of Victory Sergey Pavlov Kukushka.jpg
Postcards of Victory Choir of ISAA MSU May Waltz.jpg

Postcards from Victory Gulsasak Magasumova Clouds in blue.jpg

Victory Postcards Students from Samarkand Victory Day.jpg

Postcards of Victory Stepan Chaplygin.jpg

Victory Postcards Roman Necheukhin Random Waltz.jpg

 Victory Postcards Elizaveta Kosvintseva.jpg

Postcards of Victory Nadezhda Zakharova.jpg

Postcards of Victory Georgy Biteev.jpg< br>
Amin's Victory Postcards Gasinova 1.jpg

Victory Postcards Artyom Gusev.jpg

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