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Iran successfully launches satellite into Earth orbit

08.03.2022 101 просмотров

For launch, a three-stage booster was used, which reached a speed of 7.6 km / s.

The Iranian authorities successfully launched the Nur-2 domestic satellite and put it into low Earth orbit. This was reported on Tuesday by the broadcasting corporation IRIB.

It is noted that a three-stage launch vehicle was used for the launch, which reached a speed of 6.7 km / s. Within 480 seconds, the satellite was delivered into an orbit of 500 km. The launch was carried out in the desert near the city of Shahrud (Imamshahr) in the north-east of the country.

The Iranian authorities have been working on the development of the space program for many years and have successfully launched several satellites. On February 6, 2020, the head of the Iranian Space Agency Morteza Barari said that after 2023 Tehran will be able to launch satellites to a height of 36,000 km, that is, into geosynchronous orbit, using the Sorush rocket.

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