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India has launched a launch vehicle with nine satellites on board

26.11.2022 ТАСС 124 просмотров

The Oceansat 3 satellite, designed for oceanographic research, is on board the PSLV.

The Indian Space Research Organization successfully launched a launch vehicle with nine satellites on Saturday, including the latest ocean exploration vehicle. According to the agency on its website, the launch took place from the national spaceport on the island of Sriharikota.

The PSLV rocket (PS-el-vi) launched at 11:56 local time (09:26 Moscow time). The carrier carries the Oceansat 3 satellite ("Oceansat-3"), designed for oceanographic research and monitoring of processes in the world ocean.

Among the small satellites planned to be put into orbit is a Butane—made spacecraft. This small 15-kilogram satellite will fly over Bhutanese territory at least twice a day and photograph the surface of the country. In addition, small satellites manufactured by a number of Indian and foreign companies have been sent into space.

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