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India welcomes international students

25.04.2018 123 просмотров

The country has launched the Study in India program, the purpose of which is to popularize the country's universities and colleges among foreign students.

The government and relevant ministries plan to increase the number of foreign students in Indian educational institutions to 200 thousand within 5 years. 

The program is designed to attract young people from the countries of the Asian region, including Malaysia, Thailand, Kuwait, Iran, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan - a total of 30 states. For students from these countries, a simplified visa regime will be created, accommodation and living assistance will be provided, and tuition prices will be adjusted to make them more attractive compared to competitors. 

The program involves 160 educational institutions with throughout India, including the Indian Institute of Sciences in Bangalore, the Delhi and Mumbai Institutes of Technology. 

According to Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, the main role in promoting the project is assigned to the Study in India portal, where you can choose city of study and educational institution, as well as decide on the program and get all the necessary information. 

“Through it you can apply for the execution of documents necessary for residence in the country for foreign citizens. For everyone who chooses our country as a place of study, we will provide better conditions and get rid of the inevitable formalities for foreigners,” Indiadaily quotes the minister. 

As Sushma Swaraj emphasized, India is one of the few places in the world , "where ancient tradition and modernity exist in harmony."

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