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India launches Sanskrit for All program

02.04.2018 140 просмотров

The program includes free Sanskrit lessons and online courses across the country, conferences and symposia, the publication of books in Sanskrit, and even the launch of a radio station.

Sri Sankaracharya Sanskrit University (SSUS) in the Indian state of Kerala is launching the Sanskrit for All program, funded by the institution's 2018-2019 budget. It is part of a nationwide Sanskrit popularization program supervised by the country's authorities. A total of 10 million rupees has been allocated from the state budget for its implementation.

Sanskrit classes will be held in specially selected educational institutions throughout the country, and teachers will be selected in the same way. Those students who show talent will be offered a scholarship to further their education at a higher level.

In addition, SSUS will open free online Sanskrit courses from the new academic year, as well as refresher courses for Sanskrit teachers at various educational institutions.

Another element of the program is the encouragement of scientific research related to Sanskrit. It is planned to hold several scientific and practical conferences and symposia with the involvement of world-class Sanskrit specialists, including scientists from abroad.

Other Sanskrit for All projects include the launch of a Sanskrit radio station for SSUS students, the opening of new specialized Sanskrit classrooms (language labs) at the university, and the publication of 25 books about and in Sanskrit.

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