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In Tyumen, they learned how to get water from the air

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Siberian scientists have created an installation that can extract water from air saturated with moisture. For this, wind and solar energy are used. 

According to Viktor Mironov, professor at the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation of the Tyumen Industrial University (TIU), “there are various technical solutions that allow you to get water from the air, but all of them are either very energy-intensive or have large overall dimensions.” Quote given by TASS.

The solution proposed by Russian scientists is quite compact: it is a buoy that floats freely in the sea or ocean. 

“Inside it there is a thin layer of sea water that absorbs solar energy. The water heats up, the air above the layer of sea water is saturated with moisture. Then it goes to the condenser, located below sea level, and collects moisture. At the same time, the obtained fresh water no longer requires additional purification,” the scientist told the agency.

freshwater areas. According to Viktor Mironov, testing of the unit is scheduled for the summer of 2018. 

According to the developers, if the tests are successful, they are going to patent the product in several countries and enter the international market. Considering the growing shortage of fresh water in the world, the prospects for the invention of Tyumen scientists may be quite good.

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