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In the Japanese fleet, mines will be searched by robots

29.06.2018 108 просмотров

According to Japanese media reports, the country's leadership intends to allocate significant funds for the development of intelligent mechanisms that will search for mines at the bottom of the sea or in its waters.

Funding for the program to develop such devices will open next year. It is assumed that the first prototypes will be delivered to the Navy of the island nation in four years. 

It is also planned to develop unmanned boats, with the help of which sappers will be delivered to the demining area. As planned by the engineers, having detected a charge, the robots will report its coordinates to the drone, which will destroy the mine with its firepower. Sapper robots, which will be about five meters long and weigh about a ton, will be equipped with new generation destroyers. The Japanese navy will begin receiving this new equipment in 2022. 

As conceived by the command of the Japanese Navy, the main task of the devices being developed is the defense of remote islands that can be occupied by the enemy under certain circumstances. According to a possible scenario, the enemy can mine the waters of the islands to prevent the landing of Japanese troops. What "certain circumstances" is meant by the command of the Japanese naval forces, the media does not specify.

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