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In Japan, they created a mask that glows from the coronavirus

10.12.2021 72 просмотров

This effect was achieved thanks to the treatment of the removable mask filter with a special fluorescent dye.

Japanese scientists from Kyoto Prefectural University have developed a protective mask that glows under ultraviolet light when it has traces of the coronavirus. According to the Kyodo agency, this effect was achieved by treating the removable filter of the mask with a special fluorescent dye.

The dye contains antibodies obtained from ostrich eggs that affect the coronavirus. Last February, scientists injected an inactive and harmless form of coronavirus into female ostriches and extracted large amounts of antibodies from the eggs they laid.

“We can mass-produce antibodies from [eggs] of ostriches at a low cost. In the future, I want to turn this into a simple testing kit that anyone can use," the agency quoted the head of the research team Yasuhiro Tsukamoto.

32 coronavirus patients participated in trials of luminous masks. All the masks they wore glowed under ultraviolet light. Over time, as the viral load decreased, the glow faded. Team YasuhiroTsukamoto plans to expand the experiment to 150 participants.


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