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In Japan, performed a unique operation on the eyes

28.09.2019 69 просмотров

Scientists from the Land of the Rising Sun for the first time in history performed a cornea transplant operation, which was created in the laboratory.

Ophthalmologists from Osaka University have created an organ using stem cells. This means that the risk of transplant rejection has been significantly reduced, since donors were previously used for such operations.

Also, the use of donor material is accompanied by a number of specific difficulties, due to which there are more than one and a half thousand people waiting for surgery in Japan alone. The use of artificial corneas grown from stem cells can solve this problem.

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Doctors proved the effectiveness of the method by performing an operation on a volunteer - a 40-year-old resident of Japan. The woman suffered from a disease called reticular dysgenesis of the corneal epithelium, which manifests itself as impaired transparency of the cornea.

At the end of July, a thin layer of tissue obtained from donor cells was transplanted into her left eye. The woman was discharged from the hospital a month later. Her vision has improved since the procedure.

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