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In Hong Kong, the coronavirus did not interfere with matriculation

24.04.2020 45 просмотров

Despite the still ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, the Chinese Ministry of Education has agreed to hold matriculation exams in Hong Kong.

As in Russia, a certificate of secondary education with a passing score allows you to enroll in a university. The decision of the authorities caused a mixed reaction in society.

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"The biggest danger we face is that we don't know who is sitting next to us," says student Rita Hun. "If someone is infected here, we risk our lives and even we don't know if we'll get a passing grade to enroll in university, so of course we're very nervous."

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Schools in Hong Kong were closed at the end of January, and students studied remotely for 2 months without leaving their homes. The final examinations were postponed for a month. Applicants are allowed into the building after taking their temperature, and wearing masks is strictly required to enter the school.

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Within a month, 52,000 high school graduates will have to receive a matriculation certificate. A total of 1,036 people were infected in Hong Kong as of April 24; four died.

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