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In China, students and students sat down at their desks again

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In Hubei province, university and college students have returned to face-to-face education after a long period of quarantine.

prerequisite for admission to the classroom is the result of a nucleic acid test that allows you to accurately determine the presence or absence of COVID-19.

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As for high school students, for the guys who have to take exams this year, additional classes have been organized for better assimilation of the material covered.

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"We try to make sure that no student is left without our support," explained Hu Yumei, deputy director of the Yuanyang County Department of Education. in total, they arranged a weekly repetition course for everyone, so that students worked with teachers on the material that they mastered ate on their own during self-isolation".

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Campuses across the Celestial Empire are revitalizing, with the administration even organizing groups of volunteers to help carry luggage back to the hostel.

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