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Georgian Sunday school opened in Limassol

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Thus, now there are two similar educational institutions in Cyprus.

Earlier, a Georgian Sunday school appeared in Nicosia. 30 children study in the new educational institution. They are taught the Georgian language and literature, the history of their native country, they are given drawing, music and physical education lessons.

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children of a successful school year and spoke about innovations and incentive events for the coming year.

The diplomat said that in the near future children will receive textbooks specially designed for Georgian Sunday schools abroad.

Previously, Greater Asia reported that Russian school in Cyprus starts accepting students. Institution "Children's Harmony" is located in the city of Kyrenia. This is the first Russian-language school that appeared in Northern Cyprus.

The school program fully complies with the Russian standard and provides an opportunity to receive primary, basic and secondary general education. Graduates can receive a Russian certificate of secondary education.

Classes are held in an interactive form, which helps to involve students in active learning. Quizzes, competitions, exhibitions and competitions are held. Winter, New Year and spring holidays are provided.

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