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Digitalization of the Russian-speaking population abroad was discussed in Moscow

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The multimedia press center of the Rossiya Segodnya International News Agency hosted a round table entitled "Russia for the World: Digitalization of the Russian-Speaking Population Abroad".

Its participants summed up the results of the activities of Rossotrudnichestvo within the framework of the federal project Personnel for the Digital Economy. The head of the agency Eleonora Mitrofanova recalled the goals and objectives of the program, and also noted its uniqueness.

we are the only executors of such a program,” said the head of Rossotrudnichestvo. - The main cross-cutting goal, and this must be emphasized, is aimed at solving the problems of supporting the language environment abroad in the information, educational and humanitarian spheres. But the goal of the projects that we helped implement is to increase the level of digital literacy of our compatriots, form conscious digital behavior and increase interest in programming and high-tech areas of study.” 

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Told more about grant and project activities < b>Pavel Shevtsov - Deputy Head of Rossotrudnichestvo. In 2019, more than forty resources were launched for teachers and schoolchildren around the world: online educational courses, online programs, international competitions and olympiads in the digital economy. 

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thousands of students and more than 4 thousand teachers, and most of them had very positive feedback, - clarified Pavel Shevtsov. - We understand that the program we are currently implementing needs to be improved. But at the same time, the results that we achieve indicate that the initial design of the program was done very correctly, and we achieve the results that we set for ourselves. 

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Society "Knowledge", MSTU. Bauman, Innopolis University, Cyber Russia and other organizations. A striking example of a successful work was a distance course to improve the digital literacy of teachers in Russian-speaking schools. It consists of information, media and computer modules. 

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At the end of each block, teachers pass a test, and after studying the entire program, as the creators say, "soft" certification awaits them. The project is planned to be developed further, especially since requests for its continuation are already coming from different countries. The attractiveness of this format of education lies in its accessibility.

“They have the opportunity to study at any time, in any place where there is an electronic device,” said Lyubov Dukhanina, Chairman of the Russian Society “Knowledge ". - We already have requests from Mongolia, from Moldova. We will discuss the implementation."

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Within the framework of the round table there were live broadcasts from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Belarus. Participants of various digitalization projects were able to personally thank the organizers and share their impressions. The program will continue this year, and its funding will be revised in 2021.

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