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Composite for water treatment and petrochemistry created in Siberia

12.03.2018 116 просмотров

The development is a completely new composite material based on a light porous airgel with zeolite nanocrystals.

According to Ksenia Sashkina, a researcher at the Institute of Catalysis of the Siberian Branch (IK SB) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the created composite can be successfully used in petrochemistry and for water purification, TASS reports. 

“We have developed composite materials in the form of monoliths and microspheres based on silicon, oxygen, aluminum and iron zeolite nanocrystals and airgel. The material is very light, the average pore size of the airgel matrix is from 10 to 50 nanometers - molecules can move freely in this network,” she told the agency. 

pores, the efficiency of using the surface of the zeolite material will be higher. Previously, the problem with such developments was that the pores in the zeolite crystal are narrow, so the chemicals did not completely penetrate the entire crystal. In the new nanocomposite, the pore size makes it possible to use the entire surface of nanocrystals. 

The results of the work of Siberian scientists were published in the Dutch scientific journal Microporous and Mesoporous Materials. This fact is remarkable in that in the world scientific community one of the indicators of development in science in the country is the number of publications in international scientific journals. 

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