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Chinese students return to face-to-face classes

29.08.2020 51 просмотров

In China, face-to-face education for secondary school students and students has resumed. 

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In China, the victory over the coronavirus allowed students to return to their normal school schedule. In Beijing, about 600,000 children and teenagers have returned to in-person classes.

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"Physical contact between the teacher and the student, the interaction of the teaching staff with the students will help the children relieve the stress of returning to school," said teacher Ma Wenjiang - This will make them feel safe and comfortable.

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"I got up very early today. And I came to school very early, because I could not calm down: I so wanted to start classes, meet new friends and new teachers ... I'm just delighted!" - shares his joy Song Yunxi, one of the first students special schools at Renmin University in Beijing.

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"In fact, preparations for the resumption of classes began on August 23, that is, long before the first day of classes. That's how we managed to achieve the right result - so that everything went smoothly, "says Chen Ying, one of the best high school students at Renmin University in Beijing.

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In order to avoid a new surge epidemic in the country, it was decided to gradually enter the process of teaching elementary school students, high school students and students.Thus, the first resume attending school from August 29, the second - on September 1, and students, respectively - on September 7. Capital kindergartens resume functioning from 8 until September 11.
All educational institutions strictly comply with all prescribed sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

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