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Chinese students receive diplomas in self-isolation

23.06.2020 107 просмотров

In China, the authorities held a graduation ceremony at universities in the mode of dispersal and online broadcasts.

Despite the fading epidemic of the coronavirus and the possible arrival of a “second wave” of a dangerous infection, social life continues in China. At the end of June, the time has come for the issuance of diplomas of higher education. Since young people were looking forward to this key event in their lives, the authorities decided not to cancel the solemn ceremony.

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A good example of compliance with all epidemiological standards was shown by the administration of one of the leading universities in China, Tsinghua, located in Beijing. Founded in 1911, the institution of higher education assigned students to small groups throughout the university campus to avoid mass gatherings of graduate students. Usually at the graduation ceremony there are students and other non-graduate students. This time, they had the opportunity to follow the online broadcast on their university's streaming channel.

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Cheng Dali, graduate student, electrical engineer - During these 4 years of study at the university, there was nothing but hard work, defeats, and success, of course! In general, I am very glad that despite the epidemic, I managed to back to Tsinghua for the award ceremony. I wish all my friends good health and success. They will do well too!"

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"I am very pleased that I will now have a good job, because things are very difficult in business right now one hundred,” said a management student named Huang Jinlei. - The economy has failed, and now it is slowly recovering. I think that we must continue to do what we are doing, that is, we must all work hard together to fight the virus, and then we will cope. But for this, we will need to work very hard, look for new ways to solve the problem, not lose ourselves and contribute to the common cause."

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13 new cases of SARS Co -V2 Nevertheless, the mayor's office of the capital is not only fighting the virus, but is also doing everything possible to maintain normal life and human relations in society in the metropolis.

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