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Chinese doctors to share their experience in fighting coronavirus online

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Specialists from the Celestial Empire are sure that in the current situation there is no place for panic, but there is healthy energy and self-care.

On April 30, another anti-crisis event will take place  Synergy Online Forum, where Chinese doctors will talk about their experience in fighting the coronavirus. It is expected that about 15,000 people from Russia and the CIS will become viewers of the online event.

The panel session "China Experience" will focus on the main symptoms of oronavirus, precautions, rules for staying at home and on the street, as well as experience in the treatment of the virus and methods of Chinese medicine in the fight against the pandemic. 

“Don't panic! In traditional Chinese medicine, they say that the correct qi energy is contained within us, where the evil cannot penetrate. Therefore, now it is important for each of us to provide our body, first of all, with this correct energy and prevent illness,” assured Dr. Zhang Baihua from the Institute of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy of Heilongjiang Province.

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< br> His colleagues in the panel session will be leading experts of Chinese medicine: Head of the Institute of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Heilongjiang Province Xing Jifeng; Director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Second Branch Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Professor Wu Xiaomei; director of the Heilongjiang Infectious Diseases Hospital Wang Kaili; Zhao Mingyan, senior physician, Polyclinic No. 1 at Harbin Medical University.

The main topics of the online forum will also be anti-crisis measures, effective strategies for surviving in the new world after the pandemic, a global transition to online as part of building new business models, and also the transformation of life and behavior of people.

For more information about the online event and the rules of accreditation, please visit official website organizers.

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